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Bankcard Life provides you with industry-leading training and resources, plus interactive live sessions to supercharge your business and life. 

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Leaps And Bounds Ahead.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

As a member of Bankcard Life, you will always have your fingers on the pulse of the payment processing profession, allowing you to stay leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.

Proven Paths To Follow

Backed by payment processing industry veterans, Bankcard Life provides the strategies, tactics and blueprint to follow to achieve financial independence and true freedom.

A Community Unlike Anywhere Else.

Created For Payment Professionals

Our private community utilizes the latest enterprise-level technology to provide you with a seamless learning environment and highly interactive experience. Challenges, interviews, live and recorded training, interaction with other members, it's all here.

Packed With Robust Features

You have complete control of your community and journey inside. From highly customizable alerts and notifications to accessing highly specialized groups, the Bankcard Life community will be your go-to for everything you need.

A Community Built For Your Success

Imagine being able to ask and share best practices for lead generation, sales, closing, marketing, hiring, recruiting, operations, and product offerings with professionals across the country. All with the same goal in mind to help each other become successful. That's Bankcard Life.

Bankcard Life Community


Created for fellow road warriors, Bankcard Life is your go-to resource for the latest payment processing news and training. Available to you on the road 24/7 from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, featuring:

  • Live training
  • Weekly Battle Planning
  • An active, thriving community
  • Customized tracks based on interest
  • Shared best practices
  • Expert & member interviews
  • 30 to 90-day challenges (optional)
  • And much, much more

We have everything you need to up your game and surpass your goals much faster than you thought was possible.

Right now you can level up your game. Right now you can upgrade your income. And right now you can access Bankcard Life to get on the fast-track to building your ideal life and lifestyle. Join us.

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Take control of your future

Staying up to date on the latest training, advances in technology, sales and marketing techniques, POS devices, working capital, new product developments, software, and new opportunities is a full-time job by itself.

Could you be earning more? The industry as a whole, and the technologies behind it, are advancing at such a rapid pace, many are feeling (and falling) behind. You are not alone.

However, those who stay on top of, or even in front of these advancements, are the payment professionals who are positioned for massive success in the coming months and years ahead.

At Bankcard Life, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest sales, marketing, and payment industry business training on what works in todays environment to better prepare you for tomorrow.

Let’s face it. The game has changed. You see it all around you. There are more competitors, with many more coming. And merchants have more choices (and confusion) than ever before. Learning how to stand out among the sea of competitors has become more important today than ever before.

In fact, your success, family and income depends on it.

Our community of Bankcard Warriors are dedicated to ensuring that you are armed with everything you need to succeed.



A private Facebook Workplace community featuring ongoing live and recorded training, member interaction, deals, opportunities, and more.


Covers all aspects of payment processing, plus mindset training, motivation, and more to help you succeed and grow your income faster.


Bankcard Life provides all the industry resources you need in one place. From industry events to marketing materials. Everything you need is here.


Close more deals. Overcome all objections. Dramatically grow your commissions. Features articles, courses, plus live and video sales training.


Generate more qualified leads. Own your market. Learn the techniques others are using today to get in front of more potential customers. 


We interview the sales top reps in the industry. Best-selling authors. And many others to provide you with tips, motivation, and ideas for your business.


​Breakthrough challenges. Develop a Bankcard Warrior mindset. You have access to several courses plus interactive live video training.


For those who truly want to take their income and life to the next level. Highly interactive. Results-driven. And guaranteed to provide real results.


You get access to courses that are not available anywhere else to help you take your business, your income, and life to the Bankcard Warrior level.

Introducing The Empire Builder Course: Now Included For Free With Your Bankcard Life Membership. A $997 Value.

For those of you who are ready to take your business and income to the next level, the Empire Builder course takes you by the hand and shows you how to build your own sub-agent or affiliate channel – FAST.

  • Discover how to leverage yourself through others and tap into a proven and highly lucrative strategy for growing your business.
  • Learn how to build a sub-agent or affiliate channel step-by-step by following a proven blueprint.

Many ISOs/Agents who want to build a sub-agent or affiliate channel don’t know how, or they don't have the time and resources to implement a turnkey program. With Empire Builder, you will finally have the exact system you need to scale your business. You will have access to:

  • A complete turnkey recruiting program
  • Editable sample pay plans, sample agreements, and setup forms 
  • Agent Training is all included in Bankcard Life
  • Recruiting Strategy development
  • Sales Interview Kit: Job standards, checklist, interview flow
  • Sample Ads and recruiting resources

Empire builder includes fully editable Excel sheets and Word documents that you can brand to your own business, so you can build your own payment processing Empire. The course also includes:

Session Start: Overview Video
Session 1: Strategy Development
Session 2: Compensation Plans & Agreements
Session 3: Research & Ad Placement
Session 4: Hiring Process & Interview Kit
Session 5: Partner Marketing
Session 6: Agent Training & Support
Session 7: Advanced Strategies

Are you interested in learning more about Empire Builder to take your business, life, and income to the next level?

As a Bankcard Life Member, You Also Have Access To...

Lifestyle Design Workshop

The Lifestyle Design workshop is a full course that walks you through creating your ideal life and lifestyle in the payment process profession.

The Bankcard Script Book covers all the scripts you need to handle objections, close more sales, and generate higher commissions. 

Bankcard Bootcamp

The Bankcard Bootcamp is packed with 21 videos plus worksheets designed for both beginner and advanced payment processing pros. 


The path of a true Warrior is carved by many, but only traveled by a select few.

Although the journey may be done alone, it takes an army of others to help you realize your true potential. 

A potential that you may not even realize exists inside of you. 

Bankcard Life serves as your virtual kick in the ass to push you further than what you thought was possible.

You're in good company, as there are many others on the same path to building their own million dollar portfolio… As well as many others who have already done it.

It's time to walk down the path towards the success you truly deserve.

Are you ready to walk the path with us?


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